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My Personal Testimony
By Alysa Walker

Albert Ruegg
Although I grew up in a Christian family, I was never certain that I had received the Holy Spirit. My parents accepted the Message when I was 8, and I was baptised at the age of 9 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. From the time I heard it, I knew the Message was right, and never doubted it, I’d had many experiences with God, been anointed by His Presence countless times, but I was never convinced that I had been sealed. So many times in church I’d been convicted by the preaching that I had to receive the Holy Ghost and went to the altar for prayer. I would pray, "God, show me if I have the Holy Spirit or not. If I don't, then please give It to me!" God would touch my life, and for a while, I would be fairly certain that I had received It that time.

But then after only a short time, that doubt would come back. There was always that question, “How do I know I have the Holy Spirit?” I knew that Brother Branham said that the Holy Spirit believes the whole Word of God. I knew I believed, I knew the Bible was true, I knew the Message was right, but often I wondered if I just said, “Amen” because I knew that’s what you do when you have the Holy Ghost.

I tried to live & dress like a Christian, not realizing that I was just living a legalistic and unfulfilling life. Deep down, I felt so empty and dry that I knew if anyone could see inside me, they would be shocked at what a hypocrite I was. I knew there had to be something more, something higher, but I didn’t know what it was, or how to obtain It.

On the 18th June 2006, God changed all of that.

The day before, Sister Samantha had challenged me in my experience, saying that just thinking I was ok wasn’t enough, I had to know. My, was she ever right!

Marie and I drove overnight from Atlanta to Jeffersonville, arriving at 7:30am at Rachel’s house, with only about 30 minutes sleep each. My plane had been delayed for 5 hours, but we were still determined to make it to the service that morning at the Branham Tabernacle.

I’m so glad God provided a way for that to happen. It was so precious to see the church where Brother Branham preached so many sermons, and to feel the Presence of the Lord as I entered.

That morning we listened to the tape, “God’s Provided Place Of Worship” preached by Brother Branham on 25th April 1965. I don’t remember much of the service, because I struggled to even stay awake. I hoped that no one else would notice that I was sleeping, and kept thinking that it would be over soon, and I’d be able to get some sleep.

At the end of the tape, Brother Branham told the believers to lay hands on each other, and not to pray for themselves, but for the person they were laying their hands on.

247      Your hands on the people has got quickening power in them, if you've been quickened. Have you come to Life? Has Christ become real to you? Has the power of God been manifested? Are you in that Church, God's provided Church? How are you in It, how do you know you've been quickened in It? Your whole thoughts, your whole being, is in Christ now. And Christ is in the midst of the people, proving Himself alive, proving that He is here at the days of Sodom.

As I held the hands of Marie on my right, and the sister on the left, praying for them, the Spirit of the Lord came down, with such power. Marie and I both started crying, and raised our hands to God.

Brother Branham was saying:

252    Is there sinners here that would like to come into that Body? Raise your hands, and say, "I have never come into It, I've never been filled with the Holy Ghost, but, Brother Branham, I certainly desire It this afternoon. Will you pray for me?" Raise your hands. Don't be ashamed, you're in His Presence. Just look at the hands! Look at the hands!
253    Now everybody that wants the baptism of the Holy Ghost, raise up your hands, wherever you are, that want It.

I raised my hands. I didn’t know if I had It or not, but I certainly knew I wanted it!

Marie and I sat there praying after the service, weeping in the reality of His Presence. Rachel went and found us some tissues and I dried my eyes, thinking, “Well, that was a wonderful blessing!”

Marie asked if she could play the piano, feeling that part of her worship was missing without it. As she was playing, I went up to the altar to pray. I wasn’t seeking anything in particular. I just wanted to be in His presence. The Anointing was stronger there. As I was kneeling there, a sister came, knelt down and prayed for me. I don’t know what she prayed for, but as she did, I heard a Voice speak to my heart, “I have the Holy Ghost.”

It wasn’t loud, but it was sure and certain, and I know it was a revelation I could never doubt. I was really crying by then. I just wanted to praise Him. I didn’t care what I said, or what anyone thought. I wasn’t trying to be emotional, but the tissue I had was practically useless. I was definitely a mess! All tiredness left me. I didn’t want to sleep, I just wanted to stay in that wonderful Presence all afternoon.

Because It was so simple, and not the huge thunder from heaven that I had imagined, I thought perhaps that I had always had the Holy Spirit, and God just confirmed it to me then. But as time went on, I know that from that time, my life has been too different to doubt that I was truly born again on that morning.

Now, it is such a joy to serve my Lord. I want to live to praise Him in all that I do. The Word is no longer just history, doctrines, and rules, but every verse, every tape, every Word, is all about my Lord Jesus, revealing Himself to me. It is a reality that I don’t just read about, but that I see manifest in my life. I no longer have to try to live or dress to measure up to people’s expectation, but it is a life that I couldn’t not live!

The change wasn’t over night. There were a lot of struggles and challenges, and God took me right back to the very fundamentals of what I believe, showing me that my knowledge and understanding amounted to nothing, but the revelation of the simplicity of the Gospel is so poweful. I still have a lot of growing to do, but I know that He that started the work will finish it.

I don’t know why He chose me. There was nothing I did to deserve His grace. I didn’t seek Him, He found me. I was nothing but a self-righteous hypocrite, thinking that I was ok. I am still nothing, and He is the only good thing in me.

Oh, it is such a blessed assurance to know that Jesus is mine, that I am in Him, and He in me. One soon, I know I shall see my Lord, and tell the story that I was saved by His amazing, unmerited grace!

God bless each one of you my friends. If you don't know this precious Life, let me encourage you to stop at nothing less. And for those that do... how truly glorious it is!

All glory be to my Lord Jesus!

Alysa Walker


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