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The Ministry Of William Branham

William BranhamThe story of the life and ministry of William Branham is so out of this world and beyond the ordinary, that were there not available a host of infallible proofs which document and attest its authenticity, one might well be excused for considering it farfetched and incredible. But the facts are so easily verified by any sincere investigator, that they must stand as God's witness to His willingness and purpose to reveal Himself again to men as He once did in days of the prophets and the apostles The story of this prophet's life, for he is a prophet, (though we infrequently use the term), indeed witnesses to the fact that Bible days are here again.

As we carefully refer to the scriptures, it is evident that God promised in this last day, to send a Prophet Messenger, (Malachi 4:5-6), to turn the hearts of God's Children back to the pure unadulterated Word of God (Bible), and to make them ready for His Coming (I Thessalonians 4:14-17). God also in Revelation 10:7 promised to send the seventh angel messenger to our Church Age of Laodicea to reveal the Mystery of God, which had been lost throughout all the ages from Christ unto this day.

The Gospel Tape Ministry, has a wonderful selection of messages, by William Branham in book and tape form. This Library of Sermons are available to all who desire to hear. This opportunity is for you to avail yourself of, it could be the means to change your life for the Glory of God. This Message of Restoration, has gone around the world, and hundreds of thousands today have had a life transformation and been drawn closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and made ready for His soon Coming. You be the judge whether these things be so - there is no obligation, but an opportunity for you to witness what God has done in our generation.

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