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A Miracle Healing
By Andrzej Kowalski - 16th February 2002 - Koszalin, Northern Poland

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to share with you what the Lord have done in Koszalin last month.

One day a woman came to our meeting. Sometime ago she had heard about the meetings in my home. They told her that we pray for the sick, and she probably heard about the boy that was healed from malicious cancer in Koszalin.

Some weeks ago she had an accident. A piece of wood dropped on to her big toe. The toe changed colour to blue, then black, and the bones were literally broken to pieces, and the pieces were scattered throughout all the toe without any order. Immediately she was taken to the hospital, and the x-ray picture was taken. On the x-ray picture it was shown that the big toe, and other bones were broken. Not only broken, but scattered without order. The doctor's decision was to amputate the toe. He told her that there's no one able to operate on that. He said that the amputation, is absolutely necessary and it has to take place immediately, or else they will have to amputate all her leg.

She decided to wait a day longer, believing that if she would come to our meeting the Lord Jesus may heal her. So one brother took her to our meeting. After the meeting she asked us to pray for her toe. We laid our hands on her, and started to pray. While we were praying she felt something like a current coming from our hands on her head, and coming down through her body into that toe. At that time she felt she was healed. The pain was gone. She could just go and sit down in her place.

That night the pain came again, but on the morning the toe had changed to its normal colour. She had to come to the doctor that morning, so she came and testified that the Lord Jesus had healed her. The doctor just smiled, but he was surprised when he saw that the colour of her toe was changed to normal. He said she must have another x-ray picture taken. After a while the woman came with another picture. The doctor looked, and he had to sit down on the love seat because of the impression. He called out to other doctors, showing them both x-ray pictures. She was healed! The pieces of bones had gathered together again.

They have seen a miracle with their own eyes. Of course the toe wasn't amputated. Why? Because she believed that Jesus would heal her. That testimony was a great encouragement for the believers in Koszalin, and I have written that to you, to encourage you also.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

May this letter be an inspiration to you. May God bless you.

Your Brother in Christ,
Andrzej Kowalski

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