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My Testimony of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
By Brian Freeborn

Brian FreebornLate in 1966 in my last year of High School, unsure of my future, disillusioned with life and feeling depressed I decided that the only answer for me was to commit my life to God.

I was in total blindness regarding the truths of the Gospel, being a Roman Catholic but had a strong conviction that God had the answer and I needed to commit my life to Him. I had always had a longing after God even as a small child, however I had been reluctant to yield to the Lord believing that a life of service may mean the Catholic priesthood which I did not want.

Reaching this cross-road and feeling as I did, I came to the conclusion that regardless of whatever came, if it was God’s way and will it would be the best for me. With this in mind one dark, windy night I went alone to the beach and committed my life and future to God , asking Him specifically to bring the very best He had to give me as only He knew what that was. A great burden lifted from my heart.

Two weeks later on a property in the Keith, South Australia, I heard the Gospel for the first time from a born again Christian cowboy who was on fire for God. My eyes were open and realising my lost state and I began seeking the Lord for salvation. It was a month later, while on my knees in a prayer meeting, the Lord Jesus revealed clearly to me that He had received me to Himself and that all my sins, past, present and future were forgiven. What joy came into my heart, what assurance, what deliverance from the fear of death, I was truly made a new creature in Christ.

I then heard of the baptism of the Holy Ghost as a real experience for every believer and I began immediately seeking for this experience with all my heart I knew there was a lot of sham and make-believe and falsehood in the Pentecostal movement, but I also knew there was a genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost like they got it in the Bible and my whole life became totally focused on receiving it; realising that I could go no further with God without it.

I found it difficult to pray, but not a day went by without me asking God for the Holy Ghost. My parents had been concerned with the change in my life and organised for a social worker to see me. During his visit the Lord was so wonderfully with me, giving me Scriptural answers to all his questions. This convinced me that if God was with me, there could be no logical argument for Him not being willing to come into me with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

All the next day I began to praise and thank Him because I believed He was going to fill me. That night as I lay upon my bed meditating upon when the Lord would baptise me, (thinking that it could be at the next prayer meeting), almost instantly a most remarkable presence came upon me. I simply said “Lord I believe you will baptise me with the Holy Ghost” but with such faith that I had not experienced before and instantly a supernatural, but gentle wind blew into the room and the power of God came upon me in such force that I was paralysed, I could not move as I felt the power of God go through me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.

I asked the Lord “what must I do now Lord” and I heard a voice answer, “just give the Lord praise”; which I tried to do, but was unable to move my mouth, tongue or any part of my body. Three times I asked this question and each time I received the same answer, however the third time I spoke a sentence in an unknown language to me as the Spirit gave utterance. This was said totally under the utterance of the Spirit, for I could not of myself speak a word. Then the power lifted and the wind left the room as suddenly as it came. “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit” - John 3:8

During this whole time I experienced the deepest peace and serenity, a totally heavenly atmosphere, where it seemed a supreme power was in control of all things.

This same Holy Ghost lead me to the truth and the Word for our day, delivered by Bro Branham and continues with me to this hour, after 34 years and shall abide with me forever as promised in His Word.

What a glorious sealing, what a wonderful Saviour, what a glorious Gospel and Redemption, all glory be to the Lord forever, for I could never be considered worthy or deserving of the Holy Ghost.

Brian Freeborn

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