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My Personal Testimony
By Emma Chapman

Albert RueggAt a young age I believe things of the Lord stirred within my heart.  I often remember when I was only eight, crying to christian friend, Susanna, telling her I didn't want to go to hell.  I'm glad the Lord has shown me wrong from right at a young age.  I may have been far away from salvation, but He had started speaking to me since then.  It wasn't until I was 12 I wanted to do the things of God.  It all started in early 2005.  That Easter I went with the Ruegg family to one of their friends church in Gisborne.  They talked about Jesus dying on the Cross of Calvary.  It seemed so much to all the people that went.  One day when we were there I asked one of my best friends Susanna what It was all about.  I was jealous of what the Christians had - a joyful life with a saviour that loved them.  I often cried after those meetings in jealousy.  My friend Susanna and my new friend Sarah wondered why I was sad after the meetings,  but I never told them,  but inside I longed to tell them what I felt.

On May the 14th I gave my heart to the Lord.  That day I went with my dad and some worldly friends to watch some car race.  It was an okay day, but I couldn't wait to stay at Susanna's that night.  That night Susanna and I talked about things of the Lord.  I felt like praying for forgiveness from the Lord, so Susanna went out so I could pray alone.  I don't remember praying, all I could remember was feeling so happy afterwards praying.  Oh what joy filled my heart! Susanna was very happy to hear the news of me giving my heart to the Lord and I felt like talking about the Lord to her older sister Christine about the Lord.  But I don't think I even talked to her, for I was way to happy to speak.

On the first of January 2006, I could hardly listen to the sermon Brother Albert Ruegg preached, because I couldn't wait to become a new person after church.  After the meeting, Brother Albert talked to me about baptism in our church hall library.  I was so excited, I just couldn't wait to get down to the Wairoa River.  I must say this was one of the most amazing moments of my life!  It was so wonderful, I find it hard to tell you how I felt.  I had a warm happy feeling inside.  Soon I was going to be the daughter, of the One I most loved.  My excitement rose as everyone gathered on the shore for my baptism.  First Brother Albert prayed.  Once we were in the water, I could hardly believe the moment was here, the one that would change my life forever.  Going under the water was so extraordinary, all I could feel was the love of Jesus that was washing my sins away.  When I surfaced, the joy in my heart was unspeakable.  It was a wonderful feeling being saved from all I had done by the Blood of the Lord Jesus.  After we prayed, I remembered seeing my new brothers and sisters to welcome me.  This was only the start of a year full of blessings, but many more hardships to face, but now I look back and the all the valleys were worth it, to get to the Mountain.

Around the 24th of January in 2006, some of our church went to the ADANAC camp in Melbourne, Australia.  We all had a lovely time, and the Holy Spirit was in the meetings.  The main preachers were Brother Howard Searle and Brother Brad Burgess.  I must say I had a wonderful time, and had become closer to my friends.  Those meetings were ones I'll never forget.

School that year wasn't what I'd call a good year.  The people weren't very nice, and of course, they'd find something to tease me about, like normal.  Also school was often very tempting, which I normally found hard.  It often seemed I'd be tempted by one thing, then over come it, and get tempted by other things all over again.  Now I look back on those times and I must say I was going on a fairest wheel ride- At the bottom one day, at the top another, and down again the next.  I'm sure my other christian friends got sick and tried of sorting me out all the time.  And I'm sure I got sick of being sorted out too, but now I see it was all for good, and I'd honestly thank them dearly.  Sometimes the temptations were so much for me to handle, I'd cry till I'd felt very guilty for ever being tempted in the first place or think of ending my life.  I'm so thankful that the good Lord forgave me every time I did something wrong.  It was only the pure love of Him that kept me, and I'm so thankful He has given me power to stay against the devil.  I'm so blessed to know His Power never changes, and no matter how many times I stumble, I'll always have Him to call on. 

Even though the year was full of trials for me, I know every thing I have faced has been worth it, because of Jesus loving and caring for me all the way.  I know if He wouldn't have found me when I needed Him most, I'm sure I'd be long gone.  Around the time of the end of the year in the holidays, I started to make everything right with the Lord.  I wanted Him to take control completely over my life, not me just stepping in and out all the time.  I decided It was time to get serious, because I knew eternal life was what I needed, and being filled with the Holy Spirit was the only way I'd receive it.  I spent a lot of my time praying and seeking Him at my swing or at the place that I call 'over the farm'.  After a lot of seeking, I had a lovely walk over the farm with my old white Bible which I'd had since I was eight.  I was a bit down, so I went over with my Bible to the logs to read and pray.  After seeking, praying and crying, I felt joy sweep over me.  I knew it was the sweet Holy Spirit.  It was joy unspeakable, all I could do was sing and shout praises to Him.  The one I lived for was now in my heart- my Father, my Saviour, Friend and Creator inside of me! As I was running around praising Him, a woman came walking up the hill with her dog, and said hello.  I'm sure she thought I was crazy, but for once I wasn't ashamed, I had Jesus in my heart, thatís all that mattered to me and still does today.  Now I can say the Valley's were worth everyone to get to the Mountain.  Even every now and then, I go into valleys, but not for long.  I'm so thankful for the Lord's love and mercy towards me, and I gladly live for Him, and one day I'll thank Him face to face.  To anyone that reads this, I hope my story has blessed you.  I do pray I'll meet you in glory one day soon, God bless you all dearly in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Emma R Chapman

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