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NZ Sunday Sermons - Live

Listen to our Sunday services each week with Windows Media Player. Our services are broadcasted live each Sunday. Please check the time-table below to determine your local broadcast time.

The current time in New Zealand is: 

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Services Time-table

Time Zone Sunday Morning Sunday Evening
New Zealand Sunday 10:00 AM Sunday 1:00 PM
North America (PST) Saturday 2:00 PM Saturday 5:00 PM
North America (MST) Saturday 3:00 PM Saturday 6:00 PM
North America (CST) Sunday 4:00 AM Saturday 7:00 PM
North America (EST) Sunday 5:00 AM Saturday 8:00 PM
England (GMT) Saturday 9:00 PM Saturday Midnight
France Saturday 11:00 PM Sunday 2:00 AM
Moscow Sunday 1:00 PM Sunday 4:00 AM
India Sunday 2:30 AM Sunday 5:30 AM
Singapore Sunday 5:00 AM Sunday 8:00 AM

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