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But it shall come to pass, that at the evening time it shall be light.  Zechariah 14:7


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This is your opportunity to see and listen and read about one of the most inspiring ministries of the 20th Century. William Branham has been heralded as a true Bible promised messenger of Jesus Christ to this last age.

New Zealand Sunday Services - Live!

Try our new 'improved', live service broadcast service. You are now able to join in to our morning and evening services live. Be sure to check the time table for broadcasting times adjusted to your local time zone.

Projector Software

Projector can be used to project songs and scriptures through a data projector attached to your PC or laptop. Now available for download. 

Improved Audio & Video Sermons!

Try our new improved audio sermon performance. You will notice better download speed! Also, you can now fast-forward and rewind to any portion of the service, in seconds, by using the controls in Windows Media Player.

William Branham's Testimony on Video

Listen to William Branham himself give his personal testimony, of a visitation from an angel of the Lord, which commissioned him in his ministry. 

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