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Thank you for visiting the Gospel Tape Ministry homepage. We hope you enjoy the comments other visitors have left.

Bro.T.Stephen Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 0:44
Somidi,Kazipet, Warangal.A.P., India

Dear Brother Howard,
Loving greetings in the AllmightGod Name of our Heavenly Bridegroom Jesus Christ !
Really I feel very glad when I visit Ur website evertime.
I heard nice things about U & Brother Freeborn from our precious Brother.Im looking forward to see U in God's time.
Greetings to everyone. GOD BLESS YOU !

Ben Kanagaratnam Tuesday, June 29, 2010 - 0:45
Galway, Ireland

Just to thank you and our Lord Jesus Christ
for your prayers for Kumari, Lord doing a mighty
work on Kumari, she is much much much better
than what she was last year, we expect the
super natural healing power of Jesus on Kumar's
body will exault the name of Jesus and many lifes
will be saved an healed, above all revival will brake
out in Ireland which will spread to rest of Europe, and Asia
God is directing me to hold meeting, please pray
for direction, please continue to hold Kumari in
your prayers. Please also pray for my family and a close
friend of mine who is going through some difficult time.

Sis. Connie Stredwick Sunday, April 4, 2010 - 5:17
Pasco, Wa. U.S.A.

Greetings to you and all the saints. You were on my mind this morning and I was praying for you and thought to send you a quick note. I was reading in St. John 5 and just rejoiced that ,as it said, we are not of this world but HE has chosen us out of this world.We know the world hates us and we have trials daily,at times, but praise be to God, we are getting ready to leave. Greet Sis.June and may the Lord richly bless you.
In Christ, Sis. Connie Stredwick

SAMSON SHETTY Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 19:11
GRACE Nagar, India.

Dear Brother Howard,
Loving greetings in the Immaculate Name of our Heavenly Bridegroom Jesus Christ !
Really I feel very glad when I visit Ur website evertime.
I heard nice things about U & Brother Freeborn from our precious Brother Brad Burgess in my trip to USA last year.Im looking forward to see U in God's time.
Greetings to everyone. GOD BLESS U !

Brother.Samson Shetty
GRACE Nagar, India.

Johannes M. Sparrestad Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 13:15
Stockholm, Sweden

Greetings to the New Zealand Ministry. And Brother Howard Searle. A lot of people have passed away in recent months. Its allways disturbing when good folks die. It shows how vulnerable and fragile things are on this planet earth. Good people of the message. The dead is an enemy, and the book of revelation tells us that it will be destroyed at the end. The last thing that will be destroyed is the dead. People born in 1920's and 1930's. Why must people suffer such awful things like cancer, brain-diceases, diabetes? Its not allways easy to understand.

May God Bless Your Good Work in Gisborne, New Zealand, and the coming meetings and gatherings, in that part of the world. Br Johannes M. Sparrestad

Emma Chapman Sunday, January 3, 2010 - 17:54

Hello Bro. Howard!!

I was very excited to hear that you and Bro.Brian are coming next month!! Praying that that'll be a blessed time. God bless

Peter Wurtz Friday, July 3, 2009 - 7:41
Lynden Wa USA

Have really been blessed by the recent services, especially the token, And the title Our daily bread, It gave me great strength in my heart after having partaken, I first heard brother Searle when he came to Vancouver many years ago, and preached, Redeeming the time...there is a theme of steadfastness and pressing on in these services, May God continue to bless this portal, for the benefit of the bride of Christ, Peter

Jonah Sunday, May 24, 2009 - 7:23

Thanks for your website resources and live audio services.

Ben Kanagaratnam Saturday, May 9, 2009 - 22:44
Galway, Ireland

I thank all mighty God for this website which brings to thousands of people all over the world the supernatural healing message of Jesus Christ our Lord and healer. We have been watching the video tapes of Bro. William Branham for many months and also told few of our friends about this website, my interest on this website is mainly I am desperate to see healing for my wife, I have send in request to pray for many of my contacts, but it never entered my mind that I should send a request on this website, which did few minutes ago, I expect the healing power of Jesus will be all over Kumari today, that is how I see it in my faith, the healing anointing that worked on Bro William Branham's life is active on this website, as I said earlier, my wife and I have be listening to Bro. William Branham's tape for days playing it while we are in bed over and over again, our faith has been rising to capture the healing of Kumari, praise be to Jesus, we will send our praise report, this healing is going to sock Ireland.

Thank God for this web site.


Bro. Edgar Mohloana Friday, April 24, 2009 - 1:40
South Africa (cape town)

I just want to thank Almighty God for the work that He does in our days. I remember the scripture that says " ...and when their eyes were opened, they new HIM"
I just want to incourage my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, lets remain simple and humble before God,He hides Himself in simplicity and reveals Himself likewise


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